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Feedback For Google+

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Has anyone else been finding problems with certain features or been sending feedback to google+?

I've tried to re-arrange my photo albums, create sub albums, change the image that shows up for an album, and re-arrange they way my sparks are ordered (got 12 in their right now and i may add more) with both chrome (my default) and firefox. Then theirs some issues with the personal information, i.e.How can people reach you at home?/How can people reach you at work?, both of these allow multiple fields BUT they only allow for one grouping type instead of this is how i want my family to contact me and this is how my friends to contact me. Their is also a problem with the map, california is apparently in the UK and their is no way to manually edit it in case their is a place with more than one name. Other than that, everything else about it seams great so far

I'm curious, though, what problems you all have found, what you like about it, and what you have tried so far.

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