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Dynamic Page Content In A Smart Phone App


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I'd like to start off by apologizing as I'm sure that every term I use in this post will be wrong. I'm just getting started with mobile app development.

I'm trying to create a simple app with a few bits of info for a local nonprofit. I'm thinking that something with a nice start page with 4 buttons that link to other pages (contact us, directions, hours, and events). The issue I'm running in to is that they want to have the events page update once a week or so. I thought that linking this page on the app to a webpage (of some kind) on their server would be the best and easiest way to do this. I've done a bit of research and so far it looks like you can do this by wrapping the webpage in xml but there's not really a lot of info that I could find about how to do this and then how to incorporate that page in to the app.

I was also thinking of using PhoneGab to create the app since it allows for the creation of cross platform apps from a single source.

If anyone knows of a way to do this or a better solution I would love any help at all.

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If you coded the application for android you could use a webView in order to load web pages into your application. Apart from that there are a few other options you could take. You could have a web page server up an xml file of for all the content that you want to update. In reality it doesnt have to be sent back in xml, but that would be the easiest way to send the data back to your application. The other option you could do is to code an application on the server as well as the mobile application. Then have the mobile application talk to the server that you created.

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I did a similar project when I was doing my IT Degree course back in 2008, and in order to update the information on the database, I designed a small web-based interface, that I could it bring up from any computer.

You could do something similar to what I did and use it to update the information on the database. By the way, I used PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS to develop the mobile web application.

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Why not just have a mobile-friendly version of the website?

The only problem with making a mobile website is that I would have never thought of such a simple solution. I know they wanted something other than just a mobile website but I doubt there's an issue with linking to a single webpage that is mobile friendly.

I also really like the rss feed idea so that people could see past events.

I will defiantly be taking the time to explore all of these solutions so thank you everyone for the ideas!

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