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Show of your favorite multi-tool.Doesn't matter if its a key-chain or a full sized military bomb diffuser. Tell us what you use it for. How you rate it. As-well as show some pictures.

I just recently lost my own the Gerber splice black it was a great multi- tool mainly used for everyday tasks. . The tool it-self is very small and is not noticeable in your pocket. The best feature that Gerber has always come up with is the spring loaded scissors that surpass even the class Swiss army knife scissors.Here is a picture since i lost it i am just going to take one from the website.


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Leatherman Skeletool CX


I had a Gerber (with the slide-out pliers) for year until I lost it. The Skeletool was my first Leatherman and it's just about perfect. Adam Savage uses one of these in a few Mythbusters episodes. It has everything you need without any bloat.

The CX model is supposedly a bit lighter (for backpackers who count ounces) but I prefer it because of the half-serrated blade. I also keep a set of extra bits in my bag just in case.

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I have the Kick and I love it.

Running into a burning house and every gram you carry counts? Fine.

Walking around with a backpack of tools and you're too lazy to pull it off? Fine.

Trying to repair a washing machine / satellite dish / PC / Car / whatever? Fine too.

Everything I need, nothing too much, really nice tool. :)

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