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Whitelist / Blacklist?

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I'm still very new with the pineapple.

I've noticed that when I turn on my wireless on my test computer, I keep seeing something along the lines of "XYZ network not found in the whitelist, rejecting" in the jasager web interface.

What does that mean? I tried entering the ssid of a the "XYZ Network" into the whitelist on the web interface, but got the same result???


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If you are using the latest version, or have bought one, then white and black listing is a bit broken so doesn't work well. Unfortunately best suggestion is to ignore it at the moment.

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No worries then!

Second question:

I keep having this problem. I enter a new IP address into the networking section of the Webif interface, and save it. Then, I reboot the device, change the ip address on my computer to the new ip adress, but the new IP doesn't stick. It reverts back to the default

I've tried the web interface and also the ssh command for ip address found in the "Updated Setup Guide."

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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