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Fix Windows Cds


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Don't you hate it when you pull up the boot menu, select CD-ROM, turn around to do something else, and come back to find you missed the Windows CD's stupid boot prompt. I am constantly using Windows CDs to repair and reinstall Windows on customer machines. How hard would it be to edit the file that prompts for you to hit a key so it comes up with an option screen like a Linux live CD and doesn't do anything on its own? Could I put the CD files on a USB drive and use GRUB some how?

Some help/insight as to how the boot process works on a Windows CD would be helpful.

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Think about BART if it is still around. Systems internals had a live cd, but they were bought by ms years ago. When I worked as a tech, we just put the cd on a server and shared it, A better idea might be to use pxe and or gpxe and boot from the network share. Then you can edit the boot up sequence to your liking. Yes, you can use several programs to make a usb bootable mswindows usb stick. I make standard image of a good machine with ghost or clonezilla. When I need to fix a system, I backup user data and then just send the image to the foobarred machine. The free clonezilla, I think supports pxe. I have not messed with a cd files except to make an image. One nice thing about Ghost and Clonezilla is you can do what is called multicasting to reimage several machines at the same time. But that is more for a biz environment. I have clonezilla server version installed on a server and it heaven to redo machines. Some people like "Fog" imaging software also. It is more directed at redoing mswindows boxes.

PS: Imaging or reinstalling is a last resort for me. Most things can be fixed in a lot less time than a reinstall.

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