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Php Install

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Im haveing a few problems getting php setup and working on the pineapple.

I am sure i havent missed any steps however if you try and run test.php the page is blank. I think if php is not installed it should display this as plane text and if it is installed it should show the php info function.

Does anyone know what i have done wrong to get a blank page?

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I've got the same problem here. I think that I've made everything according to the guide and the follow-up posts in here.

- Added *.php:/usr/bin/php to httpd.conf (placed in /etc)

- Added cgf.force_redirect = 0 to php.ini (placed in /etc)

I'm getting Rickrolled, but when trying to check php with anyadress/test.php firefox tries to open/save the file and IE displays plain text <?php phpinfo(); ?> in the browsser.

All the packages seems to install without problems. Is there any other thing that I've missed to get php running? :unsure:

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...and yes, I've tried to reinstall php a couple of times.

"php -v" works and gives correct info about the installation, but somehow the parsing doesn't seem to work. <_<

Do I need to start/activate the "php-service"? Something else that might be handy to include in httpd.conf or php.ini? (like autorun?) :blink:

Anyone tried to install a different php-version?

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