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Problem With Ferret & Hamster


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I have some problems with my Pineapple2 to run hamster on my pc.

What does work:

- Run pineapple

- Bridge Ethernet - PC - Pineapple (Connection works)

- Run Ferret (in CMD.exe)

- Run HAMSER (in CMD.exe)

What doesn't work

To run http://hamster

How can help me?

Kind regard

Davy (The Netherlands (EUROPE))

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What error do you get, when you try to access the HTTP://hamster/ URL, if any?

Is the HTTP service or web server running?

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OK, what you need to do is enable the proxy settings in your browser and make it point to, which is your localhost address and set the port to 1234

Save the settings and try again.

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This video might help you figure out what is causing the problem. Let me know if it still doesn't work.


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Glad I could help....

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