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Linuxmint 10 Ics

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At home I want to connect my Jasager with my HP laptop that runs LinuxMint 10.

If I enable ICS on my NIC in Linux it will setup a network while ICS under WindowsXP will create

If I Google it looks like you can not change 10.42.43 to 192.168.0, correct? - is there a work around for this that anybody knows?

If not can I then 'simply' setup the Jasager with and will internet on all client connected to the Jasager then work as well?

Thanks for your answer.


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Do the ICS from the command line using brctl from bridge utilities. Google for full info but the basic idea is

brctl addbr br0 - Create a bridge

brclt addif br0 eth0 - add the wired interface to the bridge

brctl addif br0 eth1 - add the other interface, change these to appropriate interfaces.

ifconfig eth0 up

ifconfig eth1 up - clear the IPs

ifconfig br0 up - bring up the bridge

That should enable bridging.

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