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Ssh Tunneling For Gaming


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This is seems like a common question on these types of forums but I'll ask anyway. At my school, they have blocked access to online gaming servers. They used to have them open, but recently they went really paranoid and blocked a lot of things. I recently saw an episode of Hak5 where they used an ssh tunnel to essentially surf on airport wifi without paying. I was wondering if I could do something similar so that I can play some online games at school.

I saw some online tutorials that show you how to use this method to access restricted sites, but can it be expanded to include online games?

Thanks in advance,


P.S: I am very new at this so keep that in mind when you respond :)

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Depends on the game client. It works with steam, because you can set up Internet Explorer to use a socks proxy, and steam uses the settings from IE. AS for stand alone games, you have to look into their control panel settings and see if they offer a proxy field. There are other ways to force all traffic to use a proxy but requires installing additional software to push all traffic through the proxy. If the school itself is already going through a proxy, they could still filter out ports on the firewall/proxy of their own, so you need to be able to bypass this first before a tunnel will work.

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