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Php On Fon

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I have followed the guides attached to the latest eps of hak5 (and loving the show still btw guys ♥)

I got the rickroll to work perfectly but for some reason im having issues with php.

at the end of /etc/php.ini it has "cgi.force_redirect = 0″

and in /etc/httpd.conf i have the line ".*.php:/usr/bin/php"

If am missing something please let me know because everytime I try to access my test.php page the browser tries to download it.

any help would be great



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Is this the right line:


I don't remember exactly what Darren used but this looks a little different.

And have you restarted it all after making these changes?

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Sorry to post late on this topic, but I have the same problem, it now downloads test.php instead of giving me my last error of no data sent to the server. The index (RickRoll) works fine. But when It comes to that test.php page, download. I tried this solution ( I had the same one ) but no luck. Again, I apologize for posting on a late form. But this is getting annoying, working on it for 2+ weeks and still can't find the problem.

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