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List Of Cybersecurity Competitions?


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My university is trying to start a cybersecurity team to go to competitions and compete. And I was wondering if anyone had a list or a place to look for cybersecurity competitions preferably ones ran by other schools.

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If there are Uni's that don't have this this they should do! I don't know if there is anything offical in the USA, over here in the UK, we did a few RootThisBox type challenges while I was studying against few Unis that our Uni had partnered with.

You should get your own going man, drop a line to head of tech asking for contacts at other Uni's work it that way. Not speaking for him but I'd contact Sam Bowne from CCSF (google it), he might be up for something like that :P Unless he's busy :P

Either way doing it yourself, may be a chunk of work, but would be an epic project tats for sure. I'd join in with that for sure.

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