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Computer case recomendations...


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When I built my rig, there was a great deal on tiger direct:

Cheasy steel case with some LED lighting and two fans



Ultra - v series 600 watt!!! PSU

all for just 29.95 when you buy a 7800 GT with it, which I was planning on anyways, so I bought this. Now I am looking for a decent portable case. Maybe an Aspire q-pack, or something else equally portably/small.

Unfortunately, I have an ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe which is 3 inches too long for the micro atx standard. Im wondering If anyone has any suggestions on a portable atx case, or has anyone managed to use an atx mobo in microATX cases?

microATX :

9.6 in x 9.6 in

A8N-SLi Deluxe

9.6 in x 12 in

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You can't use an ATX mobo in a mATX case. mATX specification has room for 4 slots (PCI/PCIe) were ATX has room for 7 slots. Therefore impossible.

The smallest case you can probably get for a ATX mobo is one where the PSU sits basically on top of the CPU HSF.

Like this: http://lian-li.com/Product/Chassis/Middle_...C_PS_PC-G50.htm

So you loose the PSU height off the total height of the case.

Other than that you'll have to trade in your ATX mobo and get a mATX mobo if you want to go any smaller.

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