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Hello everyone,

Not been round here that much lately as I'm working on my latest book (for my beloved noobs, er I mean novices). However last night I was tinkering with some Virtualbox sessions and seamless mode and I thought, wouldn't it be awesome if you could do this in VNC. Basically what I mean is, I run 2 PC's all the time and use Input Director to make it like one big desktop (when I move my mouse from PC 1 screen 1 it transitions smoothly to PC 2 screen 1) This is awesome and all, but there are lots of times I would like my chat window moving onto my big main monitor, but I can't of course because it's really a separate PC.

UltraVNC is supposed to be able to do it, but I could never get it to work. I think X-Windows can do it, but I'm on Windows 7, are there any other solutions?

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Yeah, single machine, dual monitors, RDP into second machine, keep second machines RDP session in second monitor, apps move from main machine to either screen on top of or behind RDP session window depending on what you want where, just like any other window. You won't however, move apps and windows from the RDP session into another screen. With a Terminal Server, you could run apps locally from the remote machine, but thats requires windows server.

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