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torrent uploading problems


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Ok I am on 2 different wrestling torrent trackers running the same php script, the only difference is each site has installed some different mods to the scripts but nether ave modified the upload form. So I go to the upload form on Site A and I get a blank white page when I upload the torrent file. When I go to site B, I can upload the torrent fine.

Site A has no complaints from others about uploading torrents so they say it must be on my end even though it works fine on site B.

My question is if any of you have any ideas what the problem could possibly be.

Things I have tried include:

Clearing Cache/Cookies

Firefox1.5 and FireFox 2 Beta 1

Opera 9.0 and 9.1

IE 6 and IE 7 Beta 3

Um may have tried some other things to but no luck. Any ideas?

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