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Need Help formatting a USB Flash Drive...


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i have a lexar jumpdrive secure II, which has a password protected and hidden partition that I wan to delete. Ther only problem is that the drive seems to have borked a little when my old windows install wen tits up. The damn password doesnt work anymore. How the duece to I formatt the entire device, thereby removing the partions on them. In other words, I want to wipe the entire physical flash drive clean, So that I can acces the entire disk again. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

P.S. I have both windows xp and SuSE 10.1 installed, If that makes any difference

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Linux can do it, sort of.

I had a similar problem with my crucial thumb drive where i wanted to delete the protected encrypted partition, i tried a lot of things in windows no luck.

Tried deleting the partition in Linux and I thought it did it but didn't, put it in XP and it was still there, however the protection had been lifted and i could format it.

So just have a play around is all I can suggest.

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I presume you were using the manufacturers solution to password protect it? If you don't have any luck deleting the partition then check their website for recovery/fix tools. When my cheapo Rundisk drive got a bit screwed they had a utility which sorted it all out, was more of a case of the flash memory starting to die in my case though.

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