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After seeing your spot on Synergy I looked it up and thought it would be a good add to my two boxes. I have a couple questions for you all if you happen to get the chance to check. On both my boxes I have boot options: on my main box I have XP Pro SP2 and Vista Beta 2, on my second I have Linux (Debian, at the moment) and Vista Beta 2. Is there any current way to get Vista to work with it.

Secondly, I have my main box using a Dvorak key setup and my secondary running a Qwerty key setup, is there a way to have the keyboard switch from Dvorak and Qwerty when on the appropriate box. I like Dvorak, and would use it exclusively but most others use Qwerty so I don’t want to lose that… er.. skill.


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I'm not sure about Vista, I've never tested it there, but from what I've seen of vista (Paul the camera guy runs it), I don't see why it wouldnt work.

As for the QWERTY / DVORAK thing, I'm not sure since I've never tried. I did a search around the synergy site and came up with this:


It's worth a try.

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I would say Vista would probably run it, just install the XP version, i can't think of any problems you would have but haven't tested it.

I don't know about the different key layouts, you'll have to give it ago, won't take you that long to try.

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ok, well vista b2 works great (so far) with Synergy. Unfortunately I couldn't get the second computer to change keyboard layouts simply by switching screens, but the other keyboard still would type in the other layout. I went to the language settings on the second computer to change the keyboard layout from the first computer but it has no effect, yet.

'sides.. i wanna try and get both mice.. meeces.. mice's... on the same screen too. At the moment I can control one pointer with both rodents.


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I have a gentoo server running synergys and an ubuntu laptop running synergyc

I have everything working EXCEPT synergy doesn't detect the second screen on my laptop or something so it doesn't let me move the mouse far enough off my laptop to get to the second screen.

If I use the mouse plugged into my laptop I can get to the second screen but as soon as i move the synergy served mouse It moves me back into the bounds of the first screen.

I can't seem to find a configuration to explicitly tell synergy the screen size or anything. My vid card in the laptop is ati 9600 using the latest fglrx drivers.

Help me Hak.5

section: screens





section: links


right = laptop


left = localhost



section: options

keystroke(alt+f9) = ; lockCursorToScreen(toggle)



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