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Fonera Cooling?

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I just got a new fonera 2100 to play around with jasager. everything seems to work fine but the unit gets pretty hot. before i bought it i read about this heat issue and some common methods of cooling it down. leaving the case off, and putting a big external fan on seem to be the most common. one "interesting" method is to make the power regulator external to the case LINK. i don't think i'm comfortable with removing integral parts, and an external fan is kinda gaudy. i did however find some very small fans and wondered what anyone though about installing one inside the case and running it off the power supply LINK. also, if you have some other "interesting" methods of cooling then please share.

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Mine sometimes run warm but I've never had one overheat. I'd see if it is actually a problem before starting to mod it if you aren't doing it for fun.

well i thought i read somewhere that it would extend the life of the router, but if it really hasn't been a problem for anyone else then i might not attempt it.

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I would say run it for a good couple of hours and see how hot it gets before deciding if it needs additional cooling. If you can still hold after a couple of hours use then it is fine. I have seen some enterprise access points that can get really hot after a few hours of use, but even those didn't need any extra cooling.

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I think the heat coming from the regulator is insignificant compared to the heat from the chipset, although in theory it's about 33% of the power.

But if you want to reduce the heat and power loss loss from the regulator, you can do so without removing the old one.

You can use an external power supply and apply 3.3V to the pins inside the router (see articles about serial connections for the pinout).

This way you bypass the regulator without having to remove it from the board, but you have to be absolutely sure you have a stable 3.3V output or you might fry your fonera.

The simplest way is to attach MORE and BIGGER heatsinks to various parts of the router. :D

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