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Hacksaw Device - Paying 100$+usb Price


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Hey all.

I need a usb hacksaw that can do the followings:

1. get passwords

2. enable me to get files from the computer

3. see mails

4. download all the files every time someone insert a usb to the computer

If someone can help me with it.

my mail is: meroz.oren@gmail.com

or you can send me a message here, thanks!!

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I'd love to, but I dont seem to find a clear guide.

can you please show me a link to a guide, and form the files to download, it will be a huge help!!:)

Forgive me if i seem a bit rude but half of hacking is learning. all the tools and knowledge you need is here and here. If you need a step by step hand holding session to get you through the setup of the USB Hacksaw then you really don't need to be messing with it.

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