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  1. That's my intention. And I dont want to be spoonfed, I'm trying to learn this stuff. Is it possible to install Pocket Knife or Hacksaw on a Rubber ducky and when inserting to a machine make it autorun silently? Thanks in advance guys
  2. I know that it is disabled on Vista and Windows 7 but, Does Autorun disabled in Windows XP or older?
  3. How can you choose which files/documents to get from the infected computer? can I take only one specific file from my documents? Thanks all:)
  4. can one make a duckey which enable it user to steal documents and passwords? If yes, does it works through the gmail like the hacksaw? Thanks guys:) cheers! Saw darren video, awesome:))
  5. ok.. So, do you know any hacksaw (some program to download files from "infected" computer) which most antiviruses won't pickup? can you send me a link? Thanks Man:) cheers
  6. Hi man thanks for the reply:) Does the U3 Pocket Knife works smoothly (autorun silently), overcoming the antiviruses etc'? I asked about the non U3 because when I checked, it figures out that most major manufacturer stopped producing these U3 usb drives (sandisk, kingston) but I found Verbatim USB which is U3, hopes everything go ok with the installation of the U3 pocket knife:) Cheers!
  7. many companies stopped producing U3 USB drivers. Now, I want my USB-hack (POCKETKNIFE) to autorun silently, does the non-U3 version of POCKETKNIFE autoruns silently? If not, what can I do in order to accomplish this function (silently autorun)? Please anyone it will be a huge help!! Thank you:)
  8. Hey Dragon.. just need 2 things: 1. a link to download a payload that actually works, most of the links were taken off because of inactivation 2. how to set my email address, I downloaded one payload (http://www.mediafire.com/?gxjmdmny5jd) but i didn't saw the file to set my email account
  9. I'd love to, but I dont seem to find a clear guide. can you please show me a link to a guide, and form the files to download, it will be a huge help!!:)
  10. Hey all. I need a usb hacksaw that can do the followings: 1. get passwords 2. enable me to get files from the computer 3. see mails 4. download all the files every time someone insert a usb to the computer If someone can help me with it. my mail is: meroz.oren@gmail.com or you can send me a message here, thanks!!
  11. Hey, about your post on the HACKSAW, tried downloading the rar file but it is not working, do you know how can I get it? Thanks a lot!!

  12. Hey all.. Saw the hacksaw video on the internet few days ago seems very nice!! Since I'm not that good with computers, can some one send me a file with everything already on it so i dont need to change anything, or an already working device. I'll pay him generously:) Thanks!! you can write me an email: meroz.oren@gmail.com
  13. Hi man lovee your videos. have a question about the hacksaw, but I can send you a message

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