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Wicked Deal On Some Indie Games


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Hey guys, Been watching the show for a while, years back I watched all of season 1 and 2, then my life got very complicated and busy, now I'm married and getting ready to move, but thats another story lol.

I'm posting this in gaming for several reasons:

Its a killer deal.

Native Linux/mac/windows games!

Supporting Indie developers, the EFF and childsplay.


Check it out, its pretty simple to figure it all out. name your price on 5 games.

I'm running a very basic gentoo install and have all 5 games running great spare a few hitches because I was missing deps.

Hope some of you get in here, its only running for 5 more days.

The last humble bundle all the games became open source after the promotion was finished. not the data but the game source. I can't say the same will happen this time, but we can be hopeful right?

Keep up the good work on the show, great stuff. I'd like to make some short tech oriented shows after we get settled into our new place, we'll see how that goes though.


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I can confirm this, I payed $0.01 for the first Humble Indie Bundle they did which was fantastic. This time round I think I'll pay a bit more though.

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