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Right i've installed vortexbox on to a Xen Server which is also running Windows XP with multiple shares (Music, Video) the Vortexbox is an automatic music ripper/sharer. The problem that i am having is linking my windows share Music to the Vortexbox on autoboot (both OS have static IP's) i saw that entering this code in /etc/fstab

// /storage/music cifs credentials=/etc/my_share.credentials,rw 0 0

on its own line should mount that at startup so when the machine is ripping cd's for the windows machine it will save it on there instead of its own. when i run the next line mount -a i get this whole error list

CIFS VFS: No username specifed
CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -22
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //,
missing codepahe or helper program, or other error
(for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program)
In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg ¦ tail or so

but the file my_share.credentials contains the username and password like it should be placed



I'm at a loss here i've been searching vortexbox forums and thats where i got the code from and googling gave the same result.

the mount can be done manually and it works but i like things on auto.

(little info Vortexbox is based on Fedora 11)

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I have now fixed this i found out after searching more (always find the answer after you start asking) i didn't have mount.cifs installed on the system so to fix that i did

yum install samba-client

then low and behold the command worked.

now to start putting my music cd's on to it the lazy way.

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