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Owning With Bestellen Totenxp And Teamviewer Access


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I made this demonstration. What do you guys think.. :)

Visual Access From Remote Command Line


Watch in 720p Fullscreen.

Okay I guess I didn't explain enough what this is doing.

Basically you have remote access to the computer via TotenXP's remote shell. You can use that to remotely install teamviewer. You install teamviewer by wgeting certain teamviewer files then running teamviewer for about 15 seconds. After 15 seconds kill the teamviewer task because it wont work unless you killed it. You have to export certain registry files. Once you got the files then you can view them with the type command and you need to get the ClientID in hex form and convert it to decimal to get the TeamViewer ID. Now you dont know the teamviewer password because it is random. You must set a password using the reg import command and once you have done that you run teamviewer again and then you have Visual Access to the infected computer.

Btw TotenXP is a client/server application. Or you can just call it a backdoor but it can be used for purposes other than malicious intent. Bestellen is a server application that is very powerful. I probably lack in details but if you want details you can ask.

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pretty cool. never used any of that software before. might have to check it out. not feeling the soundtrack though, had to mute it. :o

Sorry lol I love the music.. but I wrote Bestellen Server and TotenXP.

Bestellen Server is the program you seen me doing most of the work in. TotenXP is what was at the very beginning.

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