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Itronix Go Book 2 W/ Back Track 4 Installed (or Win)


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Hey everyone,..

Just figured I'd toss this out there and see if anyone is interested. I'm selling these for $350 each. Anyone need a bullet proof computer? (almost literally). I got about 8 left at the moment, but I am trying to get more. Battery life is approximately 3.5 hours. There all just about the same except some have cd burners and some don't. I'll fully install Back track for you, can't promise the touch screen may work after, but will work in a virtual machine under windows with bt in it, I know it will. However, if I find drivers I'll work it out for you. basically,.. what ever you wanna do with software just ask..

Kewl things I like:

Well the toughbook part,.. you can use this outside in the rain up to 4" an hour per manufacture. Glow in the dark key board for that uber stealth night time outside stuff. the touch screen w/ stylus is pretty sweet too. AND! you have an optional port for a SECOND battery! you know any laptop that does that? I mean, it's pretty hard to kill this thing short of actually shooting it with something, lol...

Ohh,.. there 8.3 lbs for shipping and no, shipping isn't included. This to big for flat rate box I think, got to double check on that tho.

Here are more specs:

Itronix Go Book 2 Specs

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