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Ettercap & Arpspoof


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hey guys, i have a question about ettercap and arpspoof...

basically my setup consists of one wired machine (XP -- client machine)

and my laptop (linux+xp+alfa adapter)

however im trying out 'mitm' using ettercap both the gui and command line (laptop)

but the problem is the client machine completely times out

and i also tried arpspoof this also caused the internet to time out

(is ettercap and arpspoof the only two mitm applications for linux?)

is there a way to make ettercap less aggressive when using the arp:remote command?

also when i switch over to xp I can run cain + wireshark with no problems what so ever

i picks everything i do on my client machine...

its just annoying when in linux (ubuntu) causes everything to time out...

any suggestions would be appreciated

thank you for your time


.. ps heres an mp3 of Shannon saying ''im a bird'' makes me laugh everytime!! :lol:


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You should give Backtrack a go.

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