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Ip Spoofing


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Theoretically speaking....

It is possible to craft a packets header files to make it seem like it is being sent from a different IP Address. Unfortunately, you will not receive the reply (it will be sent to the other IP) and will not be able to complete a three way handshake.

My question is, without a MITM (man in the middle) attack, is it in any way possible to complete a three way handshake using a spoofed IP address? To visualize this, Pretend you are Computer A, Your trying to spoof Computer B's IP and you are targetting computer C.

So Computer A will tell Computer C, Hi I'm Computer B, but please send your response to Computer A.

Any help or Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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That brings the question: Is there any way around that? Is it possible for C to acknowledge that B is sending the packet but to send it back to A instead?

There has to be a way around everything right?

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You can pretty much perform this attack with Ettercap, but you will need to be on the same subnet as the victim you are planing on attacking.

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