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[plug] My Write Up Made It On Lifehackers Front Page.


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A shameless plug out of pure excitement. I did a write up a few months ago comparing extended warranties and the like and I woke up Monday morning to see it republished on Lifehacker as one of the hottest stories of the day. I figured most of us Hak5 viewers have likely ran into the same scenarios, and you may benefit by looking over my comparison as a former Geek Squad employee.

Join me in my excitement and check it out sometime.

Original post @ http://blog.onlifesupport.com

LH republished @ http://lifehacker.com/5659223/

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That's why shopping around beforehand is very important. Don't just commit to one shop, shop around until you find a good deal.

That's what I do when I am buying stuff from the internet or from a local comp shop. I make sure I am getting value for my money.

Good work bro, keep it up.

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I tend to read computer magazines, they seem to offer really good reviews and advices on a particular product or store.

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