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School Network Questions!


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I go to high school in Norway, and we get one PC per student which is ours. We have a lot time during the school day where we do absolutely nothing. We've found out how to play on LAN with AD Hoc. The computers are running Windows 7. We're admins on our own computers but the network settings are preinstalled. The only website which is blocked is Facebook, but adding https:// before the www. fix' this. There is allthough a block on downloading things, but it doesn't always work, and using stuff like RDesc/Https seem to work.

It blocks pretty much all stuff which need ports opened. Examples: Battlefield Heroes, XFire, MSN, Steam and so on. As BF Heroes, you can update and download it, but when you try to play it get a 1002 error and can't connect.

Are there any easy solutions to this? Like VPN to my home computer or something?

I always take the computer home, so I can fix it there. I've tried opening for VPN connections on my home comp and then connecting to that, but I couldn't connect to it.

And please, no flaming or answers like "use your schooltime on school", since this is for our BREAKS.



EDIT: Port 80 is open, but others are not. I can't use IRC either ;(

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Or you can just use SSHcop, which is a SSHserver for windows, that also works fine.

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