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How To Make A Multipass?


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i randomly stumbled onto this hak5 thing on youtube when i was lookin to find ways to increase wireless reception, saw the episode on the multipass and wanted to make 1. ive looked at alot of the other stuff on here the guides and what not but i have no clue wtf there talkin about. was wondering if anyone would b able to walk me thru this. i followed wat little info was on the episode as far as makin it so it can boot. i did the pe2usb thing i did the grubinst_gui thing and copied that grldr file from grub4dos onto the flash drive and made a menu.lst txt file on the drive n it sits empty because i have no clue what to do as to how to/what files for bootable utilities to put on it or how to write code in the menu.lst to make it work. any help would b greatly appreciated. so far only thing ive looked into n want to put on it is trinity

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