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Connect To Windows Media Server Via Ubuntu


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I'm no linux master. But how would I connect my Ubuntu machine to my Windows Media (Using Windows Media Player to share the media; works with my PS3) Server?

Is there a media player that can be installed or is installed that will search the LAN for media servers?

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VLC I think only connects to "Streaming" media. I'm kind of looking for the whole PS3 feel of being able to choose what media I want and play it. Something that maybe talks to the Remote Media Sharing/Windows Media Connect. (I think that is what WMP uses).

Edit: VLC does it but it's very sloppy with how it organizes files. Impossible to browse files. I should post a capture of what it's doing.

And it's not showing all the media. Infact hardly any.

XBMC actually works very well. Just got it working.

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