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Connect To Wifi On Boot


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Hey guys!

So, I'm back with more questions...

I've recently purchased a netbook and immediately swapped Windows that came with it to Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop.

The problem that I'm facing right now is that I cannot authenticate via LDAP after computer boots. I have to log in as a local user, wait until WiFi connection is established (it happens automatically within a few seconds), log out or switch user and then I can type in my credentials for a user stored in LDAP.

I saw some posts on google saying that one can specify the connection settings in /etc/network/interfaces, but I'm not sure I want to hard code my connection settings. What if I am trying to login from a location that doesn't have my network settings? Well, granted I won't be able to do LDAP authentication, but are there any other surprises that might arise?

Lastly, Ive noticed that when I try to login via local user or LDAP user, it asks me for my password twice. That happens both in a shell and in the UI. I'm not sure why and not sure what I've done to get that behavior.

Any help is appreciated!


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