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Open-mesh Om1p Powering

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Hey guys,

I recently put together 2 seperate power adapters for my little open- mesh, a USB (2 usb to 3.5mm power adapter) and a 4AA battery pack.

everything has been going well, the 4AA battery pack runs out pretty fast but is good for a quick attack or 2 before that happens

I was however wondering about the USB power cable i have created, as my multimeter is broken (dammit ><!) i cannot test any power ratings and am wondering if anybody else has tested this very much, it seems to work fine when its plugged in however just before i went to plug it in and my netbook suddenly switched off and wouldnt work for a few mins. am i overpowering the openmesh with the 2 usb inputs, i have heard that usb power is somewhat stable to power the device with but am wondering if there are any extra details i should know

thanks heaps

Edit: i just realised now i have blown one of the usb inputs in my netbook (any device that goes into it even if just a cable will power off the machine @_@)

edit2: ok false alarm it was just my ridiculously bad soldering skills causing a short, usb ports still work just fine :D

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