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Type Of Cloud Computing


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Alright so heres a question for everyone. I just built myself a new Desktop for college and i have a netbook. What im trying to figure out how to do is use the netbook in class to connect to my desktop to run anything graphicly intense or other applications that I need without having to worry much about the netbooks hardware. Pretty much like your watching a video of what you are doing on the desktop. Im looking for a solution that would be pretty fast with barely any lag time. Kind of like the new onlive game system that is supposed to be coming out soon. If anyone has any ideas let me Know (Yes I know there is vpn and vnc but these are usually pretty slow)

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...And back to reality...

College networks cap bandwidth pretty hard for public usage. At least mine does. Also during heavy hours, we have very slow internet. So finding a fast "lag-free" solution is hard to find if not impossible.

As far as graphics thing goes. It all depends on color depth and resolution. Either way you will have to meet the requirements on the netbook. If you want streaming 720p youtube you got to have enough internet speed to handle it. Same instance here. Higher quality needs more speed and more binary to crunch down.

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VNC is about the closest thing you will get for a no cost solution if you have a high speed network. I have my whole house wired gigabit. So in-house I could theoretically do what you want.

For video conferencing with Tandberg we use their "See N' Share" which pretty much streams a live desktop stream from one PC to another.

With that you still need:

1) High speed connection

2) License

3)A way to control the remote system (for your senario)

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