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Problems With My Pineapple


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hi all,

I was given a pineapple to play with, i started playing around with it last night. set it to bridge mode, now i cant access any management.

i have read a couple of posts re: factory reset, none seem to work. No additional firmware have been applied since it was shipped. (would've been built and shipped about 10 months ago)

I have tried hard coding my ip to, and scanned the 1.0/24 subnet, nothing is responding.

it works perfectly (if i wanted it to remain in bridged :) i can connect to the pineapple ssid and it works, but i really need to get Jasager to config it up.

any recommendations or suggestions?

many thanks

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Has anyone had any success with this? I'm in worse off shape hehe. I can get DHCP from the pineapple ( but cannot access any of the management interfaces. I tried setting the IP manually (192.168.1.x, 192.168.5.x) and the same issue occurs. Nmap scan shows all ports filtered on The wireless is not working or broadcasting at all. Any ideas if there is a way to reset the router?

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Please review one of the setup guides to help you understand what is going on.


Search around the forums, I'm sure it's been answered a few times.

I'll be more specific. I was previously able to get on the Pineapple Mark II via ssh and http. Everything was working as designed until the other day when I plugged it in again. Now I am unable to access it via ssh, http, or any other method. The only thing that does appear to be working is DHCP, which obviously does not help much in this situation. All that being said, any other ideas?

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