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Serial Cable.

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I have been reading and looking all over peoples solutions to this problem. The most interesting is connecting the Rx and Tx before power-on and then shortly after power-on then connecting the ground cable.

Has anyone just left the connectors all on, closed their fon so no more fiddling, and then been able to connect in via the serial connection?



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Some will some won't. My 2nd generation of cables has a push to break button on the ground so you connect all pins then hold down the button while powering on. You could build that into the case if you needed to.

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Does anyone have a diagram of the pins I should connect Rx, Tx, ground to on a db9 connector? I want to use the pl2303 as this seems the cheapest and easiest way. However I am open to suggestions if anyone else has another serial/USB cable solution in mind.

Answered my own question here: http://www.aggsoft.com/rs232-pinout-cable/...al-port-db9.htm

2 RXD Receive Data

3 TXD Transmit Data

5 GND System Ground

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