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ok well i do have 1 question but its for HTML and PHP. i made a form, using html obviously and it's for a site store, and i will be selling books i'm working on, and i want it so that when the person chooses a title and a file format(pdf, html file, or paperback) that it will print the books cover and also show the price. i know it is probably simple but i cant remember how to. i used to do alot of php. i just forgot a bit of it, because i have been learning C++.

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What you need is a backend or a database like MySQL (opensource/free) to store the information about the book and its price.

If you are new to Mysql, I would recommend reading up on the links below




Or if you just want to generate a PDF document




If you need help you can PM me, I will be more than happy to help you.

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