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Alfa Adapter Hidden In Cellphone


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I was trying to think of a mod for my alfa network adapter (AWUS036H of course)

I have an old nokia cell phone laying around and figured that would be the perfect enclosure and would be hard for the average person to realize that its not really a phone. I figured I could wire the usb adapter into the bottom (If I really want to I should be able to wire the usb directly into its native cable)

So assuming that it'll fit in the phone I thought I'd wire the rp-sma where the current antenna is and then attach a rubber duck antenna to it and the "charging cable" (usb) to the bottom of the phone and into the pc and there you have it! If your pulled over and asked what your doing, your just charging your phone with your laptop because you don't have a car charger for it.

I just need a short sma extension able and again assuming the circuity fits all should be well. It'd be great if the phone would still function afterward but it just dons't have the room to keep all its components..... unless of course I can find a large unused phone somewhere....

Ideas, comments, suggestions accepted :)

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