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Custom Pc Case Ideas


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Hey everybody. I've been a fan of hak5 since I started watching in the 4th season, but never actually joined the hak5 community until now. Anyways, I've been building computers for customers for about a year now(self-advertised pseudo-buisness). Since I'm only 17, I don't have alot of money, and therefore the only computers I've built I never got to keep(at least it's fun!). Now I document and take pictures of all the computers I build, but to be honest, on a website, or anywhere else, there is no merit to pictures of towers when they look like a machine you could buy from a big PC manufacturer.

Then, while watching ep. 718, it hit me. I have to build a custom computer, with a custom case as well! Of course, to show that I can build quality pieces, I want it to be more elaborate than an acrylic base with standoffs. I know that I want to use an ATX size motherboard, and I will be using laptop hard drive(s) since they are alot nicer to work with than full size ones, and I have about a dozen lying around.

If anybody has any ideas, feel free to post them! I most likely be using 1/4" thick clear polycarb, but dont think I'm limited to that.

EDIT: so I started tinkering, and came up with this so far... It has a bottom base and the top base, separated my power supply which is 2.5 inches tall. The slanted piece is for looks mostly, as it isn't providing much support. Not sure If I want to enclose the top part or not, and depending on the integrity of this design, I may need to add two support beams , one in each corner. Any input would be appreciated.



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get your self a dr( if you dont have one already) some painters tape, spray paint and auto body primer anddownload a cool pic online then tape it to the un touched case and start cutting giving your self about 3/8s of an inch to work with. then sand off all the old paint ( if you have accsess to a sand blaster your life will be alot easer). then two coats of primer wet sanded with a fine grit paper between coats then you are ready to paint, and i do at least 3 coats of paint with wet sanding with steel wool in between then for your final do 2 layers of clear again wet sand the first, then get auto body wax and buffit to a nice shin and add plexy glass to he interior with gorilla glue or drill for some nice pan head screws... at least thats what i do or you can just paint disigns

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Idea (that has probably been done before). Change the design so that the slanted area is where the motherboard resides. Make it so that the case can be placed on a desk under a monitor such that the motherboard is facing the user and so that if the case is stood up the motherboard is still face some one looking down on the monitor.

This will cause an interesting problem where the back of the motherboard will move to the side in one orientation, you could fix this by closing off the back and doing some cable moving, but this will require you to change where the air comes in and goes out.

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