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Fon + Wlxkj652?


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I ordered one of these a little over a year ago. It was a nice little device to have to set up a quick NAS and what-not.

Well, I just found out that there is a "firmware upgrade" that puts a new OS on there. See here.

I was dinking around with it and found it much to my liking.

I went back to my box of small network devices to see what else I could void the warranty on. In there I found a classic Fon router. Much to my amazement I was using the same power brick model (albeit modified for the NAS box) on both the Fon and my wlxkj652.

I got to thinking. Both require +- the same power. Both are hackable. The wlxkj652 seems to have a lot more processing power than I would ever need in a small NAS. There's gotta be a way to use them both together in some way. A wifi bitorrent server for any wifi hotspot? Ya know... I bet someone at the Hak.5 forums would have a nifty idea.

It seems DealExtreame still sells this unit, but they are a new model that doesn't take to the SNAKE OS, but I'm sure you guys could find a way to turn these things into something useful.

A nice, cheap, potentially portable project... maybe.

I figured I'd share and see if anyone cares.


My experience with shipping from DX is that it takes at least a month to the US. Shipping cost is $0.01 USD, however. But other than that and the lack of manufacturer info, the communities that pop-up on there are very helpful and just about anything will ship without any questions asked (except laser pointers with >5mW to the US (Banned by the FDA, i guess)).

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