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Samsung Galaxy S For At&t. And Being Locked To The App Market.


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So now there are a few options for Android phones on AT&T there's the backflip, htc Aria(tiny), unlocked Nexus One, and the Samsung Captivate(Galaxy S for AT&T). I am deciding which one to get and it's pretty much between the Nexus One and the Samsung Captivate because of obvious hardware reasons.

The main differences I've seen so far is the screen(Captivate has a 4-inch superAMOLED), Samsung has Bluetooth 3.0. The Nexus One is already compatible with Android 2.2 however. I also heard that AT&T is limiting customers to the Android App market, I am not sure the consequences of this so if anyone could enlighten me that would be great.

Share your opinions.

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