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fastpush issue


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I am trying out fastpush on my home network and for reason i get this message....am I doing something wrong?


Error: Access is denied.

Remote system drive found okay [].

Error: Access is denied.

Windows location found okay [].

Error: Access is denied.

Program files location found okay [].


*** WARNING! ***

Access could to the remote Program Files location could not be confirmed.

Please check that the folder below exists:


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We'll need more information to help you probably. Like what was the command you were using, which vnc software are you trying to puch out etc.

And if you are a n00b what is your external IP address and password to your administrator account on your computer. :lol:

Welcome to the forums.

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Well all I can suggest in a rush is that you follow Darren's instrustions exactly first and then start playing around, if they don't work then my guess is that you have something configured on one of your machines different (perhaps a Local Secuirty Policy) that is causing your problems.

You could always grap yourself a copy of VMware Server, quickly build two machines on default install and see if it works.

I've had success in the past with the tutorial so thats all I can guess.

Also on another note you don't have to worry about posting any IP addresses that begin with 192.168.x.x as that is a private range. You and a couple million people use that range for their home network.

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Try disabling any firewalls you have running. As for local policy check that remote file and registry access is enabled. Also make sure the ForceGuest security setting is disabled or else all connections will be forced to use guest credentials.

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