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Made A Multipass, Couple Small Issues

Jesse B

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I managed to get my own Multipass working! It's only 1gb, but I was just fooling around. I plan on buying a larger drive pretty quick here. Anyways, I managed to get most things working, but I am having some issues with a couple things.

1.) Splash Image: I made the Splash Image as per Darren's instructions. I did so on Ubuntu. Anways, whenever I have a Splash Image being loaded, that all works fine, but the Colors I've set for the Grub menu just go back to default. As soon as I remove the line to include the Splash Image, the colors work again. Any ideas?

2.) TRK 3.3: I know there's lots of issues associated with this, but I must have tried half a dozen different things, and to no avail. It starts loading, but then says "TRK not found on CD, checking harddisks and USB sticks". I followed the instructions on the Episode's thread... post #173 I believe. Do I just need to point it into the proper directory, or did I somehow manage to miss something?

That's about it for now. DSL is freezing while loading, but I haven't put much work into that.


- Jesse

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Awesome, thanks :)

EDIT: Alright, it seems I can password protect individual items, but not the entire GRUB menu itself. I'll look into it some more and post my findings (if any). At least I'll be able to lock out the potentially harmful boot options.

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Use the second method mentioned.

You could also make a separate "real" menu and have it as the only password protected option (besides maybe reboot/poweroff) on the FIRST menu.

Thanks, I'll try out both those methods and see what I like :)

Btw, I love your VM for testing these. Thank you so much, you've made my life so much easier :D

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