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Open-mesh Router As Ssh/dns Server For Tunneling


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I was experimenting around with turning a open-mesh mini into a dns server for tunneling rather that having to have a dedicated computer. The router would just be plugged into my existing router and wireless would be disabled. I am currently using the default firmware and am using it as a ssh server which actually works pretty good. But in order to turn it into a DNS sever i would have to use the ozyman scripts which would require me to have Perl. I have no idea how to get Perl running on the router. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. If you have any better ideas or see a problem with using this method let me know, thanks.


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that would probably work, but i dont really want to buy one. This router's default firmware is some version of Open-Wrt so i dont imagine it would be that hard to add Perl.

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