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Openmesh Port Settings

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When I first received my Pineapple II, jasager was assigned to a port. Since then I had to reflash, due to that I selected DHCP at one time in webif. Jasager now opens on the IP, but I would like to readd the port, instead of the default 80?

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My understanding is, buying the pineapple II is for people whom:

1) Want to support Hak5 shop. GREAT!

2) Do not have the technical experience or desire to build one themselves.

Practically you will need to reconfigure the whole thing. So all the hard work that Darren or whomever did, is gone sadly. Start looking around the forums on how to configure it. You will need to get Putty and SSH into it and start playing around with the configs. Or you can use the webif (if you can get to it) and you can edit the files through that. I'm at work so I can't elaborate on what exactly to change but it's in the forums here all over. Good luck.

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