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Find The Usb Port?


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Family member of mine recently purchased an HTC HD2. This little guy came along with it:


This is supposed to be the USB wall charger for it, but wheres the USB? The getting started guide doesn't tell me. It just says connect the USB cable to it.

I let him borrow my wall charger for now, but I'd really like to have it back :)

The front of it looks like its supposed to slide off maybe? If its supposed to its one tight $#$#$ #$#$#!



And no, I'm not looking for a new one, especially after how much this thing ended up costing.

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Ok, gotta love family. He failed to tell me there was a second part to it sitting on his desk. Probably would have found out sooner if HTC bothered to include a picture of it in the manual. Alls well. Why do companies haft to split a charging adapter into multiple parts is just ridicous.

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