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Rainbow Table Sorting Problems


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Hi community its me again, I will cut straight to the point. Has anyone experienced issues with sorting rainbow tables with rtsort.exe. It took me two days to generate a 1.5gb alpha numeric rainbow table and as soon as it finished pre-computing I went and sorted the table and then after tried cracking a LM hash with the following error "alpha_numeric.rt is not sorted", so I went and re-sorted the table and once again tried cracking the hash and to increase the level of frustration the same error appeared again "alpha_numeric.rt is not sorted".

Was it something I did wrong, I have researched and read numerous websites and forums on how to generate rainbow tables. But I kept on getting the same error. So I am now generating another table to see if it was a mistake I made somewhere.

This is the command I used to generate the table.

C:\rainbow tables>rtgen.exe lm alpha_numeric 1 7 0 2500 9000000 0

To sort the table.

C:\rainbow tables>rtsort.exe alpha_numeric.rt

And to crack the hash

C:\rainbow tables>rcrack.exe alpha_numeric.rt -h 856DCBD3859B7675AAD3B435B51404EE

Thank you all,


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Anyhow my second table is now fully generated and I was able to sort it out, so I guess it must have got corrupted somehow.

Thank you


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