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Ps2 Mod (1 Completed, And An Idea For A Portable One)


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I recently finished my ps2 mod.

It includes an internal memory card, wireless controller, and a fmcb card (a memory card with an exploit on it for homebrew)

I later intend to put a 320gb hdd in it.




let me know what you think


Anyway I'd like to work on a portable ps2.

I have a slim line ps2 and was thinking to use a portable dvd player with its battery and a regulator running the supply in parallel.

I'm hoping to install two internal wireless controllers and at least one memory card. My only issue is space and a case.

I am horrible with case mods, I can drill holes, that's it. and the ps2 slim has no space for modding.

I'd say its a 90% chance I won't use the ps2 case at all. But with that in mind. I'm not sure what I'd put it in. I'm really no good at case mods and don't yet own a dremel.

Any ideas are welcomed. I'd really like to complete this and I know the hardware/electronics just need some help with the case itself.


My idea for the portable ps2 is to have two wireless controllers installed internally making it easy for on the go play. I would like to use a backlit screen and it'd be nice to be able to run an internal memory card. (i know how its just a space issue). I need to figure out a case that will look alright and be functional. I'll have it so that it'll sit upright on a table top. I'll need access to the disc drive as I don't intend on doing a hdd mod.

***One major issue will be finding a supply that will give me 5.3Amps any ideas on what to use please let me know, I do NOT want to plug it in.

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