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Jasager Update

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Here is the funny part to me

When logging on pineapple from which ever pc around though

there seem to be nothing I can do to e.g. update certain things in wrt



There is an option to update certain packages under network if not mistaken, but how can I update this if there is now internet connection running on the pineapple?

And further more

It seems that when a client is shown connected in the list, the only way that computer would be able to get a internet connection is when I whiteliste the SSID, it status is blacklisted the computer does not gain access to the connected internett and the status sympol for wifi states " no internett" or " reducesed connection"

What gives?

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You can upgrade or add packages via SSH you can either connect it to a router as a DCHP client or you need it connected to an ICS'ed machine. The limited connection message is usually due to improperly configured internet connection sharing. If you have it running through an ICS'ed machine check your settings Hope this helps

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