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Help Jasager Defense And Signal Interferance

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i have wireless network setup at home and recently the connections have been dropping constantly and taking mins to open google.com when not dropping and thats at 92% signal, so i took look at the wifi in the area and found few other signals in the area but more troubling i found three that had my ssid and the mac address would keep switching the broadcasted ssid to the other id's in the area, created fake request for an ssid and sure enough they stared broadcasting an ap with the fake name, so either my signal is being interfered with by jasager or karma devices or there is some deauth packets being broadcasted i haven't looked close enough to see yet

basically with my limited knowledge i've windows servers have way to filter MAC addresses in the DHCP server side, and i know routers can filter by mac address, but i haven't found good article on mac filtering on the client side or if this can be done with software firewall

all the articles on defense i've found talk about adding the dummy ssid to the prefured list then you know something is up when they come up and to not use them, but this is my home and at distance of 7 feet i have to wait mins to pull up a text based page and at 10 feet i have none stop accuring network or lost signal while the network shows full bars in windows discovery and my wifi card's program shows my network at 92%

i have no problem with them doing what they do, i just want to be able to use my own network, but this is just ridiculous! i shouldn't have to be less than 3 feet from wireless router for good signal, and i've tried another wireless router and have multiply wifi cards including an alfa high powered device, same issue with the interferance

does anyone know of any software ways to fight back or ignore or refuse connections on client side for windows ?

i'd guess i'll have to change all my network devices to A band and hope they don't have dual band devices, but thats going to have to wait couple months before i can afford to replace all the wifi cards and get new router :(

at this point i half wish i had good way to attenuate wifi antenna and go fox hunting and tell them to knock it off

oh well

if anyone has any good ideas i'd be more than open to hearing them

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Jasager only works when you have "auto-profiles" stored on your Laptop. If you use an intel client, open the client and remove all profiles you not use.

In addition create a encrypted SSID on your router with WPA2 and you are set.

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