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Solid State Anemometer


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I intend to make something like this. I'm finding a lot of help and specifically a number of plans are available. The long term goal is to build a weather station that I can clandestinely hide outside. I live in the bottom floor apt at a complex that is fairly strict. No outside wires or antennae. I will likely hide inside a birdfeeder and clandestinely supply power, or even do with solar.

The ultimate goal is to get me on the air as an APRS (ham radio) weather station, also CWOP. I'd love for it to be somewhat automated too.

Before you ask, I do this because I don't want to pay for something pre-built. yes I know a number of weather stations exist that do exactly this.

It'll involve thermocouples and sensors as I can often find sensors like that I'll need from work as discards, and likely something from Rabbit Semiconductor, maybe I'll use Arduino stuff it its more suited.

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