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One Unit Deauth/jasager?

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Would it be possible to use the Pineapple as both the jasager router and have it run the packet injection to deauth users instead of using 2 devices? This would make it more portable, and much easier to set up physically. I am also wondering if I bought the fon2 could I use its USB downloading feature with the hacked firmware to record defined packet information? It would be interesting to see what URLs the average local WiFi users connect to regularly. If you can record packet info, this would potentially allow one to drop/hide a pineapple somewhere to record data, and pick it up later.

All of that being said... I am simply curious about the mechanics/possibilities of the pineapple and in no way do I have any intent to use it for evil purposes.

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Packet injection won't really work when you have the card in Master mode (AP). You can get the card setup and things look like they are starting to work but it doesn't really. You could put a second wifi card in the USB port and use that.

As for storage you can add a USB memory stick and then use tcpdump to store a pcap on it. There are a list of packages you need to install but it works quite well.

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